Monday, 11 May 2015

EPP On Streak 5 Exhibition

For our exhibition planning we had a lot of factors that we had to consider and plan towards and at the end of the day we did manage to have what was necessary and hold our exhibition properly. 

We had already decided our logo design which is shown in the APP section of my blog and free that was done we had to discuss on how we can show and publicize our works and gain the audiences attention to come and see our artworks. With that, we used a different approach of having banners done which were hanged on the panels at either sides of the bridge we visited the first time we went to Publika to book and pay later. 

We then had to come up with the layout on how we were going to set up the panels at the exhibition. With us 5 we were going to use 5 panels in total and lay them in a way where they were in the middle and have the space on the ends free so that people can walk at either end and then have the other at the front and the back with the banners stuck on either side of each to attract the audience to come and see what was happening. 


Since this was a student event, it was necessary that we invite all kinds of parties that could be available and have them to our exhibition to come and see our works. We were going to use social media like Facebook and Twitter to alert our friends that our exhibition is going on. Word of mouth and also distribution of an invitation card that was designed and printed to give particular people like friends, family, school staff etc. 


The actual hosting of the event went really well because we had the chance to have different people from all aspects come around and ask us questions and see our works. It also enlighten us in ways in which we formed a lot of  understanding to know the importance of having an exhibition. Personally I felt like the exhibition was really helpful to an extent because it helped me know more bout my project the more and more I would talk about it and it would make me come up with a short description to someone who doesn't really know what my project is all about understand just the basics in just a few minutes to have their attention. It was really good and I got to understand the importance through the three days of working and being there.

We also had our grand opening which was really good on the 2nd day of the exhibition. Had our work staff come and support us and then we had the UEL representative, Pete Cobb who came all the way from England to come and see our works and give us some wise words on the journey of being a graphic designer.

It was really good to hear the words that Mr Pete Cobb had to say about our work and to know that he was very delighted about our presentation and artworks was really overwhelming. The knowledge that we gained was really helpful. And also the good thing was to have the chance to have met people who were actually interested in my work and they left me their cards which showed me that with great work and explanation, people would notice your efforts and want to take it further. To actually meet a promoter was overwhelming too because he really loved the idea that I had brought and that he had been waiting for something for this to be created so to hear such good words from a big promoter who brings these famous comedians to Malaysia showed to me that it wasn't only music that my application can work but to everything from music to sports, book launching, fashion, phones, applications etc. Anything that would need of promotion, this web/app design is something that can be a great too. 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

APP - EPP - GD on "Streak 5" Exhibition

The task and objectives of APP were all in the direction of us holding and actually exhibiting our own graduate showcase that was to be pulled off to the end of our semester.

Having to be split in to groups and also to given tasks it was quite a challenge and also a positive side because we were only 5 people in this group it could be easily managed but at the same time be hard to and easily broken it tasks and objectives are not met which will lead to causing a breakdown and disadvantage to everyone else on the team. With me leading the Art Direction and being the secretary of the group I had the objectives of:
  • Making sure my peers attend meetings on time and have work ready for presentation.
  • Sure designs are on top notch and make sure that it matches the criteria of what they were told to design and show case.
  • Be in charge of also designing certain artworks and help out the creative team of it all. 
Those are some of the tasks that  had but attained some difficulties due to the language barrier and sometimes the low esteem that they students had in the beginning because of not knowing how to present their final Graphic Design work but as time went on and the had more knowledge of what to do, it was getting more easier to manage the team and also make sure that their works are on point.

Logo design and creation was done by brainstorming of names that we could use for our graduation and then we had to break it down to the meanings and then see whether it was the right one for our exhibition. Some of the names we had in the choice of exhibition names were
  • Prismatic 5
  • Contrast 5
  • G5
  • 5D
We had the choice to first look at use prismatic 5 in the beginning with the description that it had and then when we had to referenced and when we passed it on to our lecturers to find something that would be more striking and get people's attention at the exhibition. So as the secretary and designer, I urged everyone to find names that would suit and then pick out from the second list and from there is where we would have the final name and then creation of the logo was to be done. 
That 2nd discussion had exhibition names like : 
  • Streak 5
  • Merged 
  • Prismatic 
After finally picking the name which was STREAK 5! We then we had to come up with logo designs that we were going to use and then also also have almost similar meaning with the understanding of the word.

First samples of the logo design.

Final design of the logo.

I then had to take charge of the main designs and all. So I designed the logo by using paint streaks online and then getting vector images and using them in the illustrator which I imaged traced and modelled the way I wanted  to do it  by moving some of the grouped elements here and there to come out with the final logo design which is shown below. 

Exhibition Plan.

We had a plan that we had to follow that would lead to the final date of the exhibition. We had deadlines that we had to meet and also to get tasks done. The plan is shown below and how we as the STREAK 5 did it all in the remaining weeks that we had

So with that exhibition plan, we all had the tasks we were supposed to be done by each of us and that we had the deadlines to meet by the end of the week which was by Friday and then we would have meetings to discuss and update each other with what work we did and how we could move on. 

Printing of the final works was also one main objective. I had to make sure that all the students had their works completed and everything was to be of high quality CMYK 300dpi and to be ready for print. So once that was checked off, we then had to do the actual printing. Using the right material of paper,  size were all some of the guidelines we had to follow. The printing of Name cards and CVs were also important to show what we would use at the final exhibition. So after the samples that I had discussed in my earlier posts to show the types of CVs that caught my attention the type of CV I chose was more of a typography CV that expressed my work and information in all text but in a descriptive way and design. 

The name card was to be simple and not waste time on the design but atleast have a clean sleek design that can be easily readable and give the positive feedback to be grabbed and have a layout of certain information needed to be displayed.

Final print of my GD was also to be printed and just like the other peers, we all had to have our works printed and to be stuck on foam board to have a clean and nice presentation as we move on to our exhibition. We had to look at the panels that were used in previous exhibitions to know the size and know how many artworks can fit on each panel and then from there stick our designs without any difficulty. With that in mind, my final GD project had :
1 x A1 paper size 
1 x A3 paper size 
6 x A4 paper size 

The Mobile App used at the concert for video upload.

Official concert poster used for promotional purpose to audience.

Artist website home interface.

Artist 'Music video' interface.

Artist 'Music' interface.

Artist/Audience 'online stream' interface.

Artist 'Shows' interface.

Concept diagram to show how everything works.

Thereafter it was now time to get the set up of the exhibition on going. We had to have a layout of how we were going to have the layout of the panels arranged and how different it was going to be from the previous exhibitions. We had 5 panels in total that were arranged like the sample below. And it turned it out to be quite unique and was easily accessible and could give the people chance to see our works than just passing and not paying attention to it. 

The actual experience of the exhibition was really good to a point where we were able to interact with loads of people and give them a chance to know how about our works. The more we explained more about our works made us have an idea of what we are actually doing and how we are to communicate in a short paraphrased line of words to explain our whole project. The meeting of big company people who actually were interested in my project was really good because they were able to pitch in ideas of how my project can be advanced and can be actually implemented and made to work. It was really a good experience that I had to encounter and was a different vibe from normally presenting our works to our lecturers but this time to random people who we have never met before and for them to appreciate our hard work through our creative and innovative ideas was really overwhelming. 

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Graphic Design : Final Project

This final project being music related and also looking into the music industry, had to come up with a problem statement and then have a discussion of what we are actually making as a graphic designer and what we are to change.

Problem Statement

The monetization interaction between the promoter, audience and musical artist.


Looking into the problem that monetization between the relationship with the promoter, audience and the artist have faced and how digital technology can be able to enhance this relation by the use of this website and application.


I created this website in the sense that the relation of these three parties will be able to have a sentimental value that shall be sustainable that will be able to enhance all 3 parties with the monetization that has been faced through live performances that artists do to showcase their talent to their audience. The problem that I shall really tackle is the relation between the artist and audience through an event. The website/app is one way in which I shall form an interaction way to enhance value where it is necessary for those who do not attend the show and those who actually go for the show.

               With the creation of my final project being discussed, I am to make an application and a website design as to which will show the relationship and the international between the three parties that being the artist, audience and the promoter all linked into one.

The website layout design will be divided into 3 parts which will be seen by:

1. Promoter

This is where the promoter of the show/event will enter certain criteria of the event such being the 
name of the artist, time of the show, location of the show etc. The promoter will only be allowed to have the fill in type of design where it will be more informative to give out information out there to the audience.

2. Audience (Going/Not going)

Here is where we shall be able to see the information that the promoter has handed into the 1st form of information and then it shall be viewed on the website when a person visits the website preferably being the artists website. Here when the person clicks let's say, shows. They will be able to the where this artist is going to be performing and all the other information that was included like the prices and all. Here the audience will be able to buy their tickets online, register for online passes (live stream) where they will be able to like buy the pass if they won't be able to go for the show so that they can be able to view it online.

3. Online live stream

This is the layout that shall be viewed by those who do not attended the show and let's say bought an online pass to watch the artist live at the show. The audience will be able to view videos that people at the concert are able upload and then have a field where you can download some of the videos uploaded. They shall also be impulsive promotion of the artist merchandise such as buying new album/single of the artist, clothing line etc. Such to make the whole music experience worth while. The May so be a chat option where people can be able to talk to other users that are not at the show and have an interaction where they can have the feeling of actually being there and having that interaction experience.

The purpose of this design is to help improve the monetization problems that have been faced by the interaction between the three mediums. So as a graphics deigns, it is where design shall be carried forward as to how value can be added to each and every party of this application/website. As to how will the artist benefit from this? How will be audience benefit? Is it worth it? Is the process of live streaming actually worth it? Such questions will be needed to answer and looked into to carry out a design so as it can be able to sustain these loop holes that are faced by the parties above.

So with that description of what the forms will be showing by parties, I sketched out of like a plan as to how information shall be gathered as to help improve the quality of my final design and layout of this project.

So this shows how it moves from the promoter to the audience of those not going and going to the concert. It shows the benefits and other criteria that will be seen and have to be paid attention to by the parties above.

In relation certain things had to be pointed out like:

1. What will the artist benefit from this project?
2. How will the audience not going be able to benefit from it?
3. If I'm at the concert, what is there that will help me benefit or gain from the experience.

So these questions all in relation to the parties are important because they helped me in knowing what exactly is needed to be on the forms of the website and app.

The structure design is also like a breakdown as to what the website and the app are supposed to do and how it can be followed. With this being a sample of the structure as to how I would like the project to function. It would also have to come with a design and also a sleek interface that once seen by the user, it can be easy for functionality and accessibility and wont be hard for the users to use when they actually do.

Thereafter, I then sketched out designs as to how I wanted my skeleton project to look like. Due to there being 3 parties involved in this, that means that they are three designs that would have to be 3 types of designs and those being:
  • Promoter Interface
  • Streaming User Interface (Those not going)
  • Audience (Going?not going)
I then started to sketch out my design and as you can see below, these are what I came up with a little description and summary as to how I designed it and also what type and how I came up with the reference to having such a design.

The promoter interface is one which is more of an informative type of design where the promoter will be able to enter information into the design and then apply these criteria of details entered to be seen by the viewers outside. So the design of this had to have like forms and labels where it will show where the promoter enters details such as:
  • Date of show
  • Name of artist
  • Location of show
  • Price of tickets
  • Sid-lining artists etc.

So these are things that shall be entered and once entered by the promoter, when it published, it shall be published to a user interface template that the audience will be able to see and read this information gathered by the promoter himself.

This is one type of the designs layouts. Details to be filled in where the details tab falls in and then there was a selection of where the promoter can be able to upload a photo and which the users will then see the artist and all the information like the prices the tickets the promoter puts.

This the same type of design skeleton but different layout with shifting around with the details and make it more of a proper looking website/app once accessed. 

For for the audience, they are two types, those that are actually going for the show and those not going, hence 2 designs are to be shown. For those who just visit the website, they shall see the information on that was entered by the promoter and then what things they shall be able to see or do on the website are

  • Buy the tickets for the show
  • Make bookings are reservations for tickets for other upcoming shows
  • See the artists gallery of photos and videos of past shows (encourage people to actually go and see the artist perform live)
  • Details about having to meet the artist at a particular place and time before the show.

The image above shows the type of informative design that shall be seen once the website is visited. It shall be a design template where it can easily be changed by what they promoter places in their section and then it easily changes on the user side. The layout stays the same except the information.

This type of informative will clean and very formal because it is just going to give out information to those who are interested in going and once you are, you can easily purchase your tickets and then it's done. You are going for the concert.

Those that are also going to the show will have access in downloading a mobile application that will give them the opportunity to record their favorite artist perform and then upload it to a feed where those that are not at the show are able to see what people are recording. So this is another interface that shall have a design with a camera box and then an upload button as to when the user finishes recording all he/she has to do is upload and then they can be doing that in intervals when they feel they need to.

The application will look just something above. It shall be easy and descriptive with the necessities that will be needed at the concert. Those being the camera that shall be used to record the artist perform and then also the upload button which when the user finishes recording, they upload it straight online. Another section that can be added is a videos recorded where the user can see the videos that they have just recorded the whole concert and choose which they can upload even after the concert is done.

There is then those that are not going for the concert who would still visit the websites /app. But Would still love to see the artist perform. So this form is where the shall see this artist perform and it will be a different type of informative design with just text and images but it shall have more precise details such as: 
  • The actual streaming of the show
  • A chat where they user can chat with other people that didn't go for the concert
  • A selection as to where can download videos that have been uploaded by those at the show
  • Have a free sample listen to the artist new upcoming album/single.
These are to give the users that are actually not at the show to have that feeling of actually being at a concert and still having that type of connection with the artist as they perform live for an audience.

Above shows the samples of the design layout that I would like my streaming interface to look like with the common things like the video streaming section, the chat and all.

In ways to which I want to add value to this because that is also one aim for the use of my website/app to add value to all parties. So I included a section where the user can be able to like buy the artists new album/single in ways to encourage impulsive buyers. 

With my sketches done, I then set out on the internet to look for samples and get an idea of how I improve my creativity on the creation of my designs and layouts for my project. What I was to look for on my search were:
  • Informative forms where information is entered.
  • The websites that have concert/show information.
  • The streaming websites that show the streaming and all. 

The Promoter

The idea of me getting these images above was to have an idea on how I can design the promoters side of layout. This one is a layout where information is to be entered  so I set up to look for designs that have such type of layouts and these were just samples that I got to have the application type of feeling.

Audience Viewing shows online

The designs above are where users like me go to the Show/Tour tab on the artists website and then we get to see the dates and information of the next show. I noticed that it was kept really simple and that it just had typography with just the date, time and location of the event and then an option where the users are able to buy tickets. So this gave me an idea to have a simple and not too much information going out because all you want to do is inform the users what is happening. Certain impulsive advertisements were:
  • Users being able to join a newsletter
  • Latest song of the artist playing and being available for purchase.
  • Videos playing of the artist which are popular.
These are certain things I should pay attention to in my design to also have such which can add value for my website/application.

Video Streaming Interface

The above images are samples of how streaming live concerts off websites look like and some of the necessities that they offer. As seen on my sketches, the layouts and set ups are mostly the same. Big screen with the usual volume tab, HD facility etc. There also small details which can add value to the designs such as:
  • The chat facility
  • Gallery to past shows 
  • Featured posts and videos from the show
These all add some sentimental value to the design and with my thinking and creativity, my idea of adding the buy music/album, to encourage impulsive buying by users to help benefit the artist even whilst they on stage performing those songs, people out there can actually be purchasing that song because they like they way it was performed live.

Mobile Recording At Show

Process of video recording.

Design Interface of the Instagram application

Sanpchat design interface

I then looked at how I would design my mobile recording application and that this would be some design that would have a record button along with my sketches to record and upload the video at the concert. I looked at famous social network applications Instagram & Snapchat that record videos and these would be used for reference in the sense of :
  • Record button
  • Upload button
  • Filters 
  • Limitation of how long the videos shall be.

After having a sample of all the designs and layouts, I then set out to create a moodboard type of layout for a structure on how I would design my layout designs for all 3 of my parties. Below shows the draft layout of how I would design my promoter side of entry for details to be entered:


As discussed and shown in my layout, this is a mock up of how I would set up the promoters side of the layout. The criteria to be entered and then have a section where the image shall be uploaded, due to it the viewers having to see a default design layout template, the images would always be fixed in one position where ever the layout is done. Then I shall have an option where give the audience the option to choose which payment method he will allow the audience to pay for their tickets. Either with 
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Poster Order
Such type of payments will be applicable for those that are willing to purhcase the tickets